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Virtual Medical Society Presentation Competition

May 14, 2020

Virtual Medical Society Presentation Competition

Every 4 weeks, the Virtual Medical Society (VMS) host a presentation competition for all members in medicine, veterinary and dentistry streams. The top 3 winning entries for each speciality will be shown in a VMS meeting. Entering also contributes towards your Awards Programme. Discuss with your Awards Mentor for more information.  You will also be given a certificate for winning the competition.

This month, to enter the competition, all you need to do is make a 5-7 minute video presentation on the following question for your chosen speciality:


Should funding for the NHS be increased for preventive medicine strategies?


Design an ethical case study surrounding the use of farming and animal welfare. Present alternative opinions and interpretations.


How will COVID-19 impact the provision of dentistry in the UK?

Our advice for making your video:

  • Use zoom or another similar platform where you are able to screen share a pre-made powerpoint and record yourself talking through this powerpoint. You can always record yourself on your phone holding pieces of paper as well. All we ask is that you get creative!  
  • Try to think ‘outside the box’ for the question too; exploring lots of perspectives. 
  • Ensure that you talk slowly and clearly and that you use skills to engage your audience.
  • Check out our tips below on how to get the best mark!

What we are looking for and some of our tips for putting together your virtual presentation are listed below:

For content:

  1. 5-7 minute time is abided by.
  2. The whole of the question focus is explored and expanded upon in detail.
  3. Multiple potential interpretations and opposing opinions are constantly referred to and evaluated.
  4. Evidence of Gibbs Reflective Cycle is clear throughout and the 6 parts to this (description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan) are included in depth.
  5. Findings explained thoroughly as to how they may be included in medicine/veterinary/dentistry application processes.
  6. Information fits and flows together to enhance audience’s understanding of the topic.
  7. Presenter appears to have a really good understanding of their question and surrounding information.

For presentation skills:

  1. Performance is thoroughly engaging throughout and audience interaction is obviously present i.e asking a question, direct address.
  2. Noticeable patterns in language in order to establish opinion i.e rule of three, alliteration. 
  3. Speech is clear, slow and consistently easy to understand. 
  4. A wide range of vocabulary is used to interest the audience.
  5. Body language and facial expressions used appropriately.

The deadline for this month’s videos is 19:00 on 2nd June 2020

Send your finished videos to

Good luck!

If you have any questions for the Education Officers, Patryk and Ellie, please post them on the comments section below, and they will get back to you.  You can also post anonymously if you like.




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