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Virtual Medical Society Committee Secretary Elizabeth Varaksina

May 12, 2020
Virtual Medical Society Committee Secretary Elizabeth Varaksina

Hey guys, I’m Lizzie, the new Secretary of the Virtual Medical Society. I am a Year 12 student, currently  studying four A Levels (maths, biology, chemistry, and physics) at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for  Girls in Birmingham.  In the VMS, the Secretary acts as a glue, keeping all the parts in the system functioning accordingly. Being  continually involved with other members of the leadership cabinet, the Secretary must work swiftly and  efficiently to document the society’s meetings, timetables, agendas, and other activities.

In this role, one can get a truthful insight into the professional realities of working in an administrative post,  much like the jobs FY1 doctors are offered in their hospital day shifts. As well as liaising with the  participants of the society, the Secretary forms a sturdy bridge between the Mentors and the student  committee, a task requisite in the smooth-running of the process. They are also vital in managing the  formation and timing of general meetings.

In this position, I will personally aim to share the most comprehensive resources gathered by the students  as well as those provided by the Mentors to give the society the best possible structure, direction, and  organisation. I have been involved with Medic Mentor since January this year, after attending the National Healthcare  Weekend – a two-day conference course.

Since then, I have been in close contact with the organisation,  joining the Awards Programme and the Medical Leadership scheme. I relish my involvement with Medic  Mentor and the guidance they provide.  In my free time, I dedicate my hours to practicing musical instruments.

One of the most significant things in  my life is music, which emerged at the time when I first discovered the charm of piano-playing. Its  performing and accompanying aspects have become influential components of my everyday living, my  musical appetite expanding ever since the age of five. Every Saturday I attend the Junior department of  the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. I enjoy performing at national piano recital competitions, my most  recent being the Leicester Music Festival.

For years, I have been involved in a jazz ensemble where we freely expressed ourselves through  improvisation, working through pieces from many epochs, covering the eras of Cool through to
Avant-Garde, playing the music of jazz giants like Duke Ellington and John Coltrane.

At the moment, I am working towards a diploma qualification in piano and Grade 6 in guitar; these exams I  am planning to take once the lockdown provisions are lifted.  

Another long history of commitment which I maintain is rhythmic gymnastics. This sport may not be known  to many here, it is nonetheless prevalent in Russia (where I am originally from). My team and I performed  at the British Championships, on several occasions placing in the first three of the tournament. Being a  former competitive gymnast, I like helping out, supervising, and assisting with coaching some of the  younger teams of girls, at Birmingham City Gymnastics Club. As part of gymnastics training, I also engaged  in ballet practice and achieved merit at Grade 8.

Doing sport is a great way to de-stress, especially if it is active and outdoor, something like tennis, for  example, which I play recreationally. Before, I used to volunteer at my local tennis club as part of the  Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.  

Medicine has been deeply appealing to me from a young age. Starting up my journey into the professional  sport of rhythmic gymnastics, I have been introduced to the world of hospitals, clinics, treatment centres  for regular health check-ups at the age of four. This volume of exposure budded my fascination towards  science, and ultimately a passion for medicine.

As someone who spent substantial periods in treatment, I feel a particular attachment to the healthcare environment, and I want to help people in ways that can  restore them back to their normal lives. 

I have aspirations to become a medical student at a leading research university.

Cardiothoracic surgery  and neurosurgery sound the most challenging and inspiring, and I hope working in this community of  like-minded people will bring me closer to my goal. 

If you would like to post Lizzie a question, please comment below and she will get back to you!




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