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1. New Becoming a Doctor Podcast Series


Welcome to the How to Become a Doctor Podcast Series!  The series is hosted by 2 incredible medical student scholars, Lucy Richman and Ciara Irwin.  Join them in discussing current affairs, ethical dilemmas, and applications to medical school, as they share their insights into what it is like to be a doctor and a medical student.

Lucy is a 2nd year medical student at the University of Cambridge.  Lucy was actively involved in Medic Mentor as an applying student, having attended the Medic Mentor Summer School and going on to obtain 4 medical school offers. She has since then, been offered a Medic Mentor Scholarship to study Medicine at University.  This has given her an opportunity to teach at the Summer School as a Mentor, and she also sits on the committee that co-ordinates the medical leadership programme.

Ciara is a 3rd year medical student from the University of Birmingham.  She is a highly proactive medical student scholar and has also been a Mentor on the Summer School and sits on the committee that co-ordinates the medical leadership programme. She has also presented at the Get into Medicine conferences for new Medic Mentor applying students and their parents.

So have a listen to the first podcast on Becoming a Doctor and post your questions and comments below!