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The MENTOR Magazine!

Mentor magazine is a national print publication dedicated to applying healthcare students. The magazine contains wider reading to inform and inspire aspiring medical, veterinary and dental students and their university counterparts.

Wider reading is an essential component in your preparation for a university application. It will provide you with the latest insights and topical issues in the profession. It will help you affirm your career choice. And most of all, it will inspire and fuel your interest and passion for healthcare.

Mentor is a multi-disciplinary publication with medical, veterinary and dental articles and proudly highlights the transferable and universal themes and skills that unite these healthcare professions.

Our editorial team have worked hard to develop and enhance the content and educational value of the monthly publications you receive.

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Writing for Mentor Magazine is a pivotal opportunity for aspiring dentists and doctors to distinguish themselves and demonstrate their research skills. As a national publication, Mentor Magazine provides a platform to showcase your intellectual prowess and passion for medicine to a wide audience. By contributing to this esteemed publication, you solidify your commitment to evidence-based practice and showcase your ability to critically analyse scientific literature. Dental schools highly value candidates who exhibit strong research skills, as it reflects a dedication to staying updated with advancements in the field and a commitment to providing the best patient care. This experience sets you apart from other applicants, highlighting your ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry. It demonstrates your proactive approach to seeking knowledge and your potential to make a meaningful impact as a future dentist. By becoming a published writer in Mentor Magazine, you showcase your research skills and position yourself as a standout candidate on the path to a successful dental career.

When considering the path to becoming a dentist, aspiring students often seek opportunities to showcase their research skills. While the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a valuable endeavor, it is important to explore alternative avenues such as writing for the Mentor Magazine. While dental schools typically require some evidence of research, the EPQ does not receive extra weighting in the application process. Moreover, the EPQ demands a significant time commitment, often stretching beyond the allocated study period. Conversely, writing an article for the Mentor Magazine offers a more streamlined and efficient path to achieving similar learning outcomes. Not only does this allow students to showcase their research skills, but it also grants them the unique opportunity to be published. This distinction sets them apart from the multitude of students pursuing EPQs, which have become increasingly popular and even mandatory in some schools. By choosing to contribute to the Mentor Magazine, aspiring dentists can demonstrate their research acumen in a more concise timeframe while simultaneously gaining the added advantage of a published article, making their application truly stand out.

Writing for Mentor Magazine is a straightforward and rewarding process that allows you to share your insights with a wide audience. The submission guidelines provide clear instructions on how to format your article, ensuring a professional and readable final product. To get started, you can submit your article idea to the magazine’s email: Once your idea is confirmed, you will create a detailed plan outlining your article’s agenda, structure, sources, and length. After receiving feedback on your plan, you can proceed to write your first draft and submit it within 14 days. The editors will provide comments and suggestions for revisions, engaging in a collaborative back-and-forth process to polish your article. Following the finalization of your work, it will undergo a peer review process by healthcare professionals. Once approved, your article will be published in a Mentor Magazine issue, with options for online or printed copies. Throughout the process, the editors may make small spelling and grammar changes, but significant alterations will require your consultation. By following the submission guidelines, maintaining a polite attitude, and responding to feedback, you can confidently write for Mentor Magazine and share your valuable insights with a wider audience.

what do you get with your Subscription?

Mentor is a quarterly print anthology that is written by Dental Mentor and Medic Mentor applying students, Dental and Medical School Scholars, Chief Mentors and outstanding qualified doctors and dentists. It will cover the latest wider reading in the medical and dentistry professions and the ‘One Health’ approach that unites these healthcare disciplines. We will also publish the winner of the national essay competition for applying students in Mentor and will publish the winning artwork entry on the front cover.

In between each of the quarterly publications, we will release our monthly miniMentor supplement magazine online. This is a smaller publication written by applying students. It is an opportunity for students to publish their original work and to share reflections, experiences and feelings to inspire wider-reading and insights during the application process. Contributors of miniMentor will receive mentoring and support from our editorial team to prepare articles for publication.

Once you have signed up for £15 you will receive the first issue in the post. Following this, your subscription is just £4.99/month and you will be sent a magazine every 3 months.

Meet The Editorial Team Who Were Once Successful Dental and Medic Mentor Applicants Just Like You!

We teach 50,000 students every year and our authenticity policy mandates us to abide by the GDC and GMC’s professional code of conduct: honesty, integrity and respect.  All photos and stories are of real people. We will never engage with false or paid for reviews on third-party review platforms.  To learn more about our authenticity policy click here.

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Dental Mentor is an all-in-one solution to your dental school application.  We bring only the best resources for tackling every single component of your dental school application to one place.  We are here to help you work efficiently, by balancing the UCAS application process alongside your school work and extracurricular activities. One of the best ways to save you time is to direct you to the best advice and resources so that you do not have to waste time searching for them yourselves.

We know what you are going through, as dentists and dental students who were in your position!  By combining application knowledge and extracurricular opportunities to up-skill and boost confidence, it is not a surprise that Dental Mentor students are successful.  Will it be difficult? Yes, applying to dental school is not easy.  But through Dental Mentor it will be less stressful, and even fun.  
Let’s get started!

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