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Meet your new blog coordinator

May 22, 2020
Meet your new blog coordinator!

Hi there, I’m Tom, a third-year medic at the University of Leicester and I have just begun my newly-instated role of coordinating the blogs posted here on the Medic Mentor website.

I started writing articles during my time at medical school, primarily as a learning resource for other medical students through the medical education website SimpleMed (where I am still an author today). Since joining Medic Mentor, I have been able to expand my portfolio into far less constrained work either on current affairs that peak my interest, or expressing some internal turmoil in a way that lets others understand the difficulties and realities that medical students up and down the country are facing. I find the process of writing both incredibly frustrating, often rewriting and re-rewriting each sentence until it fulfils my own self-imposed standard and ultimately incredibly satisfying when I finish a piece that I can be proud of.

With this new posting, I am looking forward to developing my competencies in organisation: charged with maintaining large database of topics and writers, time management: ensuring content is uploaded in a timely fashion, and my own writing technique: hoping to reach that level where each sentence only has to be rewritten once! So, with this I am asking if there are any topics which you would like to see written about by our team of scholars and students, ranging from the most up to date event in current affairs, to keeping yourself sane at that first night at university or ethical debates surrounding the most challenging topics.

Please comment below and I look forward to reading your suggestions!

By Tom Bradley




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