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Fundraising for Kissing It Better

November 10, 2020
Fundraising for Kissing It Better

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Hi everyone!

This is your fundraising officers Jade and Zoya updating you all on our new charity fundraiser. Following the success of the Medic Mentor fundraiser for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, we are very excited to announce the launch of another fundraiser!

Another opportunity that you can now get involved with as part of the Virtual Medical Society is raising money for an amazing charity called Kissing it Better. We’ll be raising for the charity Kissing it Better which aims to end isolation in old age by bringing generations together. This is the charity that the majority of you voted to fundraise for. 

Isolation within the elderly community is not only a very important cause but also a current issue that we are facing now more than ever due to Covid-19 lockdown measures. There are endless ways of taking part and one of the easiest ways to do so is by participating in our committee led events. Overall, there will be two committee led events; including a virtual raffle where you’ll have the chance to win many prizes ranging from a one-to-one mock interview with Dr Kennedy to a chance to feature on the Medic Mentor’s ‘How to become a doctor’ podcast. In addition to this, we’ll be leading a ‘Give 3, Go 3, Get 3 going’ campaign which involves donating three pounds, travelling three kilometres in any way you would like to and finally nominating three others to do the same. We encourage you to be creative as you are not limited by your method of travel, for instance you could run, cycle, walk or even ice skate! You can share the activities that you’ve taken part in with the rest of the Virtual Medical Society through social media, making sure to tag Medic Mentor in order promote this great event. 

To make this fundraiser a little more interesting participants will be put into teams after they sign up for the fundraiser. How it will work is that you will be added to one of 5 team channels on Slack. This is the messaging platform that we have been using to communicate within Medic Mentor. More information about the fundraiser will be made available on the slack groups in the form of a quick video. The slack teams will be led by 2 of the committee members. Weekly leaderboards of the teams will be shared and the one that raises the most money at the end of the fundraiser will win! You can raise money however you want 🙂 

Getting involved in the fundraising would be a great thing to add to your personal statement and it will count towards your Awards programme criteria. It would also be a good way of keeping busy over the period of the second lockdown that has recently started, do some volunteering and give back to the community. How you can sign up is by filling in the quick sign up form that will also be sent to you by email. It is important to note that anyone and everyone can join in! You do not have to be a Virtual Medical Society member or completing the Awards programme in order to sign up.

Please feel free to let us know via slack, any suggestions or questions you may have. Thank you for reading this and we hope to see many of you participating!Sign Up Here




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