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What Do We Discuss At The Free Virtual

UCAT Conference?

The UCAT Conference will provide students with access to expert guidance from experienced UCAT tutors and professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the exam’s structure and content. The conference will offer valuable insights, strategies, and tips to help students navigate the various sections of the UCAT effectively. The conference also offers a platform for interactive sessions and discussions, allowing students to engage with like-minded peers and learn from their experiences and perspectives. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and support, which can greatly enhance motivation and engagement with the study process.

Conference Agenda:

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UCAT Exam With Our Free Guide

Attending the free virtual UCAT conference is an indispensable opportunity for students aiming to achieve their best UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) score this year. The virtual format of the conference ensures accessibility for students worldwide, eliminating geographical constraints and enabling a diverse range of participants to benefit from this invaluable resource. By attending this free virtual UCAT conference, students can leverage these unique opportunities to refine their knowledge, strengthen their skills, and ultimately maximise their chances of achieving an outstanding UCAT score this year.

If you are struggling to attend a conference, you can also check out our comprehensive free UCAT guide!

There are several reasons why students may not get into medicine. One of the main reasons is high competition for places. Dental schools are highly competitive, and there are often many more applicants than available places. Other reasons may include a lack of preparation for the application process, low grades or UCAT test scores, insufficient insight into the career, and a weak personal statement or interview performance. Another common reason is not seeking enough help and support during the application process. Applying to dental school can be a daunting and complex process, and it’s important for students to seek guidance and support from experienced professionals such as Chief Mentors, to maximise their chances of success. At Dental Mentor, you can start by joining our free virtual conference, to help students improve their UCAT test scores and succeed in their dental school goals. Our team of experienced dentists and dental educators can provide expert advice, personalised support, and valuable resources to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a dental professional.

At the Free Virtual UCAT Conference, students and parents can expect an interactive experience. After registering using the free registration link, they will receive a Zoom link to the virtual conference two days before the event. The timings of the conference vary depending on the day it is held and whether it is a morning or afternoon session, but generally, registration starts at 10.30 am UK GMT, and the course starts at 11:00 am UK GMT, finishing at 14:00 pm UK GMT. Multiple 10-minute breaks throughout the conference give students and parents the chance to speak to the mentors directly and ask questions. The conference covers all agenda topics, and students can take notes throughout the session. Upon completion of the conference, students will receive a certificate of attendance with their name and a serial number for identification. This conference is a valuable addition to any UCAS application, and we encourage all aspiring dental students to attend.

This conference is specifically designed for students who are applying to dental school this year.  This is usually for students in 12/S6/Northern Irish 13 year groups. However, if you have already applied to dental school and received four rejections, we also recommend attending the Re-application Get into Dentistry conference too for additional and comprehensive information about reapplying. Parents are also welcome to attend as they play a crucial role in supporting their child’s aspirations. 

At Dental Mentor, we take safeguarding very seriously and ensure that it is a top priority at all of our events, including those that are held online. This meeting will be help on Zoom webinars and therefore you will have you cameras and microphones switched off.  We will still have a safeguarding team present during the conference.  Access to the chat and question feature will be controlled and monitored for any potential issues.

Meet Our Top Decile UCAT Scorers For this Year!

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