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Medic Mentor are here to answer any questions you may have at this time. The FAQ List Below will no doubt help to provide you with answers. However, if you have any further questions not answered below, you may contact us on:

frequently asked questions

Serious doctor

Yes of course. Year 13/S6 students can launch straight to the Gold Award and tick off criteria retrospectively if you have undertaken relevant activities from Year 10/S3 onwards.  You must be able to evidence these activities with a certificate, reference, reflection, screenshot or by submitting the project itself e.g. the original essay for the essay competition.

Your Awards Mentor is your point of contact for any questions about the Awards Programme. They will be able to advise if your evidence is appropriate and sufficient for sign-off.

You cannot fail the Awards Programme.  If you submit evidence that does not meet the basic criteria (as detailed in the mark scheme which can be found in the Awards Members’ Area) it will be returned to you, unmarked.  Once you have submitted work which meets the minimum standard to be marked, it will be awarded a pass/merit/distinction and cannot be resubmitted

In order to successfully complete the Medical Awards programme and attain a Bronze, Silver and/or the Gold Award, you must be highly organised, keep detailed logs of your activities, achievements and participation in Medic Mentor and your additional extracurricular activities.

You must also undertake all of these activities with a reflective mindset and be continually thinking about what you have learnt, what skills you have developed and what skills you need to improve further in every activity that you do. This is critical to making a success of your application and is how you will get the most out of Medic Mentor and the Medical Awards Programme.

You must also keep evidence for everything that you do; file and save documents and emails carefully to build up a working portfolio; this is how you can make attaining each of the awards as efficient and easy as possible. In addition, collate references and character profiles from people you’ve worked with. It is your responsibility to put the time and effort into building your portfolio to successfully complete the Medical Awards Programme. Keep in touch with your Awards Mentor. Ideally, touch base with via email or consultation at least once a month.

Yes! Medic Mentor has always been committed to widening access to medicine. We know that finance should not be a barrier to medical school. And that is why we offer activities and programmes free of charge to individuals who meet the widening access criteria.

Why not check out these opportunities which are available completely free of charge to everyone..

1. Our Virtual Medical Society

2. Medical Leadership Programme

3. Read our online Blog Posts from medical students nationwide!

4. Listen to our “Becoming a Doctor” series available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

5. Enter into our National Medical Essay competitions. Medic Mentor run quarterly national medical essay competitions providing an excellent opportunity to answer a topical question and develop your persuasive writing skills.

Medic Mentor also offer funding to students and schools to provide access to our famous “Get Into Medicine” conferences. These are run by the Chief Mentors who have built up years of admissions and mentoring experience, who help students to understand the UCAS application process for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Click here to learn about our funding streams.

Year 10/S3 students are advised to start at Bronze Award, Yrs 11/ S4 for Silver and Yr12/S5 students to register straight onto the Gold award.

We welcome students to join us at the Medic Mentor Summer School, however, this is not compulsory. We will consider any residential course that lasts 5 nights or more away from home.  This can include things like the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, National Citizenship Scheme, Sutton Trust Summer Schools and many more.  If you are unsure, you can discuss your ideas with your designated Awards Mentor.

Alternatively, you can also hold a part-time job for 6 months to demonstrate independence.

The £50 fee covers all three of the Awards and is necessary to cover the initial administration cost. For most Medic Mentor activities, there are funded places available for students from low-income backgrounds.  There may or may not be a cost with activities related to the Awards Criteria, however, this is down to the student’s personal choice.  They may chose to participate in something that has a cost because they find it interesting or beneficial. Students are encouraged to submit an email to their mentor, if they have an idea and wish to explore if it is a relevant to their Awards criteria. 

Once you receive the contact details of your Mentor, it is your responsibility to get in touch.  Awards Mentors will rarely chase students and the onus is on you to email them.  Our mentors are practising clinicians that kindly volunteer their time to support students, they lead busy careers within the NHS and may not always be available to answer email requests immediately.  We kindly ask for your understanding and patience, but if you have not received a response within 2 weeks, please email for support.